Work at tea sutra


Work at tea sutra

Thank you for your interest working with us at tea sutra.  


We are a small independent vegan teahouse in Newcastle.  We are passionate about offering the authentic tea experience and promoting dairy free "vegan" diet gently. *definitely no animal products at tea sutra* We strongly believe we can live without eating animals and create this world better place. 

As we run the teahouse with a small number of staff, everyone is expected to work extremely hard, and to help each other to operate efficiently and smoothly. 

Our day starts and ends with "Om Mani Padme Hum", wishing our place to be a pleasant space for our guests and us.

We would like to work with special someone who is

-polite, honest, caring, pleasant, super tidy and attentive

-able to find things to do by her/himself

-multi-task (We need to serve our guests, maintain our space super tidy to keep our 5 star Hygiene rating)

-vegan or vegetarian (some kitchen experience are very helpful)

-non smoker and no drug user, (healthy individual) 

-willing to learn about teas (as we have more than 150 different kind of tea and are often asked recommendation)

-creative (as we always talk about new menu)

-is able to work with super fussy colleague with an eagle eye.