(1) Products

What kind of tea do you sell?

We sell loose leaf tea of the highest quality, which we have carefully selected ourselves.

What if I can't find the tea I would like to buy?

Our website features a small part of our total range. Email us if there is anything else you are interested in and we will let you know if we are able to supply it online. Please consult our full current product list at the bottom of this page.

How much tea is there in a small / big bag?

Quantities are provided on the relevant product page in our online shop.

(2) Online Shop

What forms of payment do you accept?

We will soon accept major credit cards (such as Visa and Master Card) but currently we are only able to accept direct PayPal payments.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from this store?

No, you are not required to have a PayPal account to purchase from this store, you can use PayPal as a guest provided you have a valid email address and a valid bank card. However, if you already have a PayPal account, you may use it as your payment method.

How secure is this store?

All payments are processed via PayPal, one of the most trusted payment gateways in the world. PayPal uses the highest level of encryption and data security to ensure your details are protected. Paypal securely shares your order and delivery details with us, but does not share any of your sensitive payment information.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We do not currently offer wholesales. But if you would like a wholesale account, please contact us to discuss this option with us.

What is your exchange / return policy?

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Unopened teabags can be returned within 14 days of delivery. Returns must include a copy of our delivery packing slip. If a product is defective, it will be exchanged for a new product at no additional charge. Refund / exchange is not guaranteed and is subject to our review of the returned product.

(3) Shipping

How long will delivery of my order take?

Domestic orders are typically delivered within 3-5 business days. International orders are typically delivered within 2-5 weeks, depending upon the destination and customs processing. Please keep in mind that the quality of the tea might suffer from long-distance shipping as we do not have control on how they will be stored and transported by the Postal Service.

Please note that delivery of orders paid via PayPal eCheck will take an additional 3 to 5 business days to allow for the eCheck transfer period.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated based upon the number and type of products in your cart. To view shipping costs, add your desired products to your cart, proceed to the cart page, select your country and click "Update Your Cart Total".

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to several countries. To confirm whether we deliver to your country, add your desired products to your cart, proceed to the cart page and check if your country is available for selection.

(4) More Questions

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Full Product List

Available at Tea Sutra Teahouse 2 Leazes Park Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PF UK. THESE CAN BE MADE AVAILABLE ONLINE subject to availability in store.

Black Teas: Newcastle Breakfast Tea, Assam, Nilgiri, Kenya, Rukeri, Darjeeling Singell, Darjeeling First Flush, Sikkim Temi, Ilam Maloom, Jun Chiyabari, Vietnamese OP, Ceylon OP, Decaffeinated Ceylon, Java, Keemun, Yunnan, Lapsang Souchong, Russian Caravan.

Flavoured Black Teas: Earl Grey Blue Flower, Moscow Orange Spice, China Rose, Sadaf, Lychee Red, Yuzu Black, Persimmon Tea, Forest Fruits Tea.

Pu'er: White Buds 2012, Wild Purple Bud 2012, Yiwu Chang Yun, Bingdao Ancient Tree Premium, Bangdong High Mountain.

Oolong: Oolong Golden Lily, Se Chung, Ali Shan, Ginseng Oolong, Wen Shan Pouchong, Wuyi Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe, Oriental Beauty Dongfang Meiren, Wuyi Shui Xian Water Sprite, Wuyi Rock, Ro Kwei, Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Oolong, Dong Ding, Ti Kwan Yin Superfine, GABA Oolong.

Sencha: Sencha Kagoshima, Sencha Kabusecha, Sencha Kirishima, Sencha decaffeinated.

Other Japanese Teas: Gyokuro Jade Dew, Matcha Ceremonial Grade, Bancha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Kukicha.

Chinese Green Teas: Chun Mee, Formosa Gunpowder, Ding Gu Da Fang, Pi Lo Chun, Liu An Melon Seed, Zhu Ye Qing, Lung Ching Dragon Well, White Monkey, An Ji Bai Cha, Huang Shang Cloud and Mist, Huang Shang Mao Feng Pre-Rain.

Scented Green Teas: Sencha Mango, Sencha Cherry Rose, Lemon Sencha, Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Osmanthus Green, Green Earl Grey, Borneo White, Moroccan Mint, Blossoming Tea.

Yellow Teas: Huo Shan Huang Ya, Meng Ding Huang Ya.

White Teas: Snow Buds, Pai Mu Tan White Peony, Bai Hao Yinzhen Silver Needle, Shou Mei Noble Long Life Eyebrow Tea.

Rooibos: Rooibos Supergrade Organic, Green Rooibos, Honeybush, Rooibos Earl Grey, Cape Orange Rooibos, Chocolate Orange Rooibos, Orange and Eucalyptus Rooibos, Rooibos Cherry Rose, Chilli Cherry Rooibos, Cinnamon & Plum Rooibos, Vanilla Rooibos.

Herbal Infusions: Pure Chamomile, Nile Valley Hibiscus, Lavender and Purple Anchan, Limeflower, Marigold Flowers, Rose Petals, Chrysanthemum, Lemongrass % Ginger, Nettle, Moroccan Nana Mint, Pure Peppermint, Verbena, Mulberry Leaf, Yerba Mate, Brazilian Sweet Orange Mate, Liquorice Root, Dandelion Root, Valerian Root, Macedonian Mountain Tea.

Fruit Infusions: Rosehip, Turkish Apple, Wild Summer, Sunshine Fruits, Arabian Nights.

Ayurvedic Blends: Pitta Blend, Kapha Blend, Vata Blend, Yogi Blend.